Molly Shannon’s dog days

Since her six-year run on Saturday Night Live as the silliest superstar in the room ended, Molly Shannon has made a career of small, scenery-chewing roles. She has brought her fearless brand of wacky winsomeness to everything from TV shows like Will & Grace and Sex and the City to films like Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and the recent lesbian romantic comedy Gray Matters.

Now, Shannon is back in the spotlight with her first starring film role since the 1999’s SNL spin-off Superstar. It’s the indie romantic comedy Year of the Dog, the directorial debut of screenwriter Mike White (Nacho Libre, School of Rock, The Good Girl), which premiered at Sundance this January. The trailer looks cute enough, with Molly playing a sad, single secretary who is looking for new loves of the two- and four-legged variety.


The film also stars Laura Dern (where you been, girl?), John C. Reilly and Peter Sarsgaard (as a romantic lead? Uh, did anyone see Boys Don’t Cry?).

But what’s the deal with straight girls and dogs? Apparently, every decade has its go-to romantic comedy star. The ’80s has Molly Ringwald, the ’90s had Meg Ryan and the ’00s have Rover.

Will lesbian filmmakers follow suit and begin making Sapphic romantic comedies filled with cats? Can Must Love Whiskas be far behind?