Morning Brew: Friday, May 21


Would you like another reason to see Sex and the City 2? I’ve got a great one for you: Charlotte starts to have a crush on her nanny, played by Alice Eve.

Good thing Cynthia Nixon was on set to give Kristin Davis some tips on Sapphic sensual seduction. But Charlotte is married, so who knows how far her crush goes? Probably not as far as we’d like.

Also, in case you forgot, lesbian stylist Patricia Field is in charge of everything the ladies wear. Pretty awesome that a gay woman is dictating the fashion of straight women for years on end.

Speaking of style, musician Lissy Trullie was on NewNowNext Music recently and she talked about her dream collaborations, recording her first album and how gay women dress nice too! Check out the clip of her talking fashion.

Have some questions about last night’s Grey’s Anatomy finale? Visit, where Shonda Rhimes explains herself

ABC’s new show What Would You Do is pretty self-explanatory: They set up a situation and camera to find out how real people react in awkward situations. This week, what would you do if lesbian parents were refused a meal?

What I would do? Ask someone to hold my earrings while I throw down and get up in some faces. I mean, politely discuss how wrong the dude is and kill him with some kindness.

The Times of India has interviewed photographer and rumored-Lindsay Lohan gal pal Indrani‘s father, Ajay Pal-Chaudhuri. They asked him about the relationship and he said:

This is absolutely absurd. It’s impossible that Indrani is dating a woman. It’s not that I have any reservations about lesbian love. I’ve lived abroad and I know these things do happen. Indrani has had many men in her life. She has had boyfriends when she’s lived in Spain and Greece. I haven’t really heard of someone showing homosexual tendencies after being heterosexual for so long.

Ajay, prepare to have your mind blown.

Lastly, I know this is probably just a friendly handhold, but I’m kind of in love with Michelle Williams. As captioned this, “When in France.”

First Evangeline Lily, then Michelle? I need to go to Cannes.

Come back for some good stuff today, including some reactions from the Hot 100’s top women. They are quite gracious and grateful!