The Hot 100 women appreciate you

Every year, you take the time to vote for your favorite women and we count the votes to find out who ranks highest in your hearts. You might not know it, but these women appreciate your keeping them in your thoughts when you’re placing your votes, and several of them want you to know they are just as into you as you are into them. Here’s some feedback from some of the 2010 Hot 100.

Olivia Wilde #1

"Hey @afterellen. Thank you! I’m honored. You guys rock."

Lily Loveless #3

"Wow really didn’t expect that from AfterEllen. Very grateful! Yay!"

Jennifer Beals #7

“Wow, thank you for the honor. I guess the ice baths and regular colonics are working.”

Jessica Capshaw #8

“I love playing Dr. Arizona Robbins and it’s an honor that she means something to the gay community. Shonda Rhimes has created a character who is an incredible surgeon and a woman completely comfortable and confident with who she is as a person, and I’m proud to play her.”

Tegan Quin #17

"I’d like to thank my mom and dad for making me and my sister — and for obviously taking better care of me so I grew into a marginally hotter person."

Sara Quin #18

"It’s a wonderful honor but, truthfully, I’d like to think ‘Most likely to be reading alone in bed eating goldfish crackers drinking red wine on a Saturday night’ would be a more appropriate Hot 100 list for me."

Jane Lynch #29

"My cup runneth over!"

Nicole Pacent #51

"Last year I wasn’t on the list, so No. 51 is pretty freakin’ awesome. It’s like 50 times better than last year. It makes me happy to know that people are watching Anyone But Me and are excited about Queens. I’m such an fan myself, so the fact that other readers acknowledge me is pretty sweet."

Bridget McManus #63

"How the f–k did I beat Salma Hayek? I demand a recount!"

No recounts! Salma will just have to work harder next year. To all of you wonderful women, I will speak on behalf of readers and say you are welcome. Thanks for being so gay or and/or gay-friendly.