Afternoon Delight: Monday, May 24

We’re launching a new daily column called Afternoon Delight, and if you’ve never seen Michael and Maeby’s rendition of that classic, sultry tune on Arrested Development, do yourself a favor and run — don’t walk — to MovieWeb and watch it right this second. (You’re welcome.)

Afternoon Delight is the perfect compliment to The Morning Brew: a Trish Bendix/Heather Hogan sandwich with a yummy You filling. I’ll be bringing you a mash-up of gay news-y items of interest, breaking entertainment stories, info about our gay brothers, fun links to help you waste your time, and a photo of a super hot lady every afternoon.


  • Fox has picked up Glee for a third season before the freshman finale has even aired, which means a couple of really awesome things: 1) All Jane Lynch all the time! 2) Lea Michele really can make a play for the EGOT. 3) According to Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell from Modern Family): "I just read that the entire cast of Glee has already been accepted into Heaven. Congrats!" [via Entertainment Weekly]
  • ZOMG you guys! It’s 37 days until Eclipse and MTV just announced that ~♥~RPATTZ~♥~ and Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are going to show an exclusive sneak peek of the new Twilight film at the MTV Movie Awards on June 6th! Predictions: Angst, lip biting, neck biting, pecs, bed-head. And I have no idea what the actual movie clip will be about. [via]

  • The first trailer for The Love Ranch dropped today, which gives me an excuse to quote Jeff from Coupling: "I love Helen Mirren. She’s always so naked; it’s like her breasts are afraid of the dark!" In her new film, Mirren plays one half of the first married couple to open a legal brothel in Nevada. You know, a pimp. Helen Mirren plays a pimp. The preview isn’t exciting in any way, but how does Helen Mirren keep looking like that? Maybe it’s like Liz Lemon said. Maybe she’s a wizard. [via Vulture]
  • Gallup’s got some good news: Only a slight majority (53 percent) of Americans oppose marriage equality these days, as opposed to the modest majority (57 percent) that opposed marriage equality this time last year. It’s a four percent drop in hate/ignorance, which is good, and puts us back exactly where we were in 2007 (53 percent). It’s like a game of Civil Liberties Mother May I! [via]

  • favorite Rachel Maddow is kicking off "Geek Week" tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show. She’s got the highest ranking geek in the Obama Administration, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, plus a former CIA agent talking about classified manuals written by a magician, and a tour of the massive rebuilding project going on at Ground Zero. And you know what that means? She’s going to purr "infrastructure!"
  • You guys know eurOut, right? Well, they have just launched eurOut Magazine, a super cool print project that is published biweekly and features loads of lesbian entertainment info, human interest stories, queer TV summaries, exclusive interviews and politics analysis. You can check out the first two issues online.
  • Sean Hayes is set to host this year’s Tony Awards, which officially answers the question: Could the Tonys be any gayer? (Answer: no.) I, for one, would never want to follow in Neil Patrick Harris‘ shoes, but Harris has bigger shows to host this year, more globes to dominate. [via AfterElton]  

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by the letter "Y." As in Yvonne Strahovski. As in Agent Sarah Walker of Chuck. The third season finale airs tonight on NBC.

No, seriously — you’re welcome.

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