Morning Brew: Wednesday, May 26

Hi! How’s it going?

On last night’s season finale of The Good Wife, Kalinda and FBI agent Lana (Jill Flint) finally kissed. The weird thing was is that you could only tell from their legs down.

Here’s the set up: Lana has photos of Kalinda kissing a male cop in her car. She isn’t happy about them, and asks Kalinda why she should trust her. Kalinda knows it’s not about the fact that she could be corrupt &mdsah; it’s about her kissing the guy. The women move closer and Kalinda says, “I guess I could just be confused.”

And then they do something behind a garage door.

The Chicago Tribune‘s Maureen Ryan talked with producers Robert and Michelle King and asked why the Lana-Kalinda scene wasn’t fully shown.

“Mystery was what it was about,” the Kings wrote in an email. “Kalinda’s character, for us, requires keeping a lot of doors closed: showing viewers the door, but toying with opening it later. In this case, we wanted to tee up — mixing metaphors with true abandon now — later story turns. Withholding the visual for the moment helped us. Anyway, we’re not trying to limit the extent of our gay PDA. Just trying to keep something for later.

OK, Good Wife. We’re still with you, but I’m hoping there’s some payoff eventually. The best part about it all, though, was right after this scene, Kalinda’s boss Will is on the phone with her and he asks “Are you alright? You sound like you’ve been running.” Go Kalinda!

Ellen DeGeneres is launching a new record label. Eleveneleven Records’ first artist will be Greyson Chance, otherwise known as the sixth grader who belted out Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” and scored major views on the web.

Ellen is seriously going to be the new Oprah, but gay and in the music industry instead of creating the world’s largest book club.

John Waters is releasing a new book, Role Models and one of the stories he tells of his life is of “Lady Zorro, a butch lesbian stripper who wore a mask and a contempt for customers.” She’s also a mother, and when asked why he felt the need to talk about Zorro in his book, Waters said:

It is important because it shows lesbians have the same rights to be bad mothers as straight people. It’s a political dilemma that has not been discussed. (laughs)

The hilarious thing is that chapter is in Playboy this month. It’s so hilarious that a gay man writes an article about a bad lesbian mother, and it is in Playboy! And they treated it very respectfully.

Times have changed, things blur, and that is what I am interested in … the blurring of things. I have always said my favorite people are minorities that don’t even fit into their own minority — and I identify with those people.

So now you can pick up Playboy and really read an article!

Kylie Minogue‘s new video for “All the Lovers” has all kinds of couples getting it on in the street, including some women. There’s only a preview of the video so far, but here’s a glimpse.

Did you ever have a crush on Anne Murray or Anne from Green Gables? You are not alone.

Have a wonderful hump day!