“United States of Tara” mini-cap: Go ask Alice

Wow. What an episode. This week’s United States of Tara begins with a dream and ends with a nightmare. And in between was a growing sense that all hell is about to break loose — starting with the appearance of a devil: Tara and Charmaine’s mom Beverly (Pamela Reed).

Bev thinks she’s coming to talk Char through her pregnancy woes and help plan the wedding. But the sisters actually want to ask Mom in person who the mysterious Mimi is. She claims not to know — a babysitter, maybe?

Bev is a good liar. She also is the kind of mom that raises kids who need therapy. A classic sample of her motherly manner occurs when, after meeting Neil, Bev muses that she’s afraid the baby will be born with Charmaine’s beautiful hair and Neil’s face. “Oh honey,” she says, “you’re so pretty. But you’ve always made decisions like an ugly girl.” How sweet.

Right after Beverly denies knowing Mimi, Alice emerges. She goes home to dress in full mourning regalia, then heads to the open house for the Hubbard place.

We still don’t know what went on between Alice and Hubbard, but we learn, when Bev walks in, that Alice indeed reflects Mimi’s persona.


Trust me, we are about to know.

Meanwhile, Lionel takes Marshall to the park for a lesson in gay.


Lionel hooks up with someone immediately, but Marshall hesitates. Just as a guy approaches him, we see Ted, who gets up from his knees and whisks Marshall away. On the way home, Ted and Marshall have a conversation that is doubtless one of the best moments of gay ever to be on TV.


Brent discusses the gay male perspective of Marshall in the Park with Ted over at AfterElton.com. When I watched, I couldn’t help thinking about the differences between gay men and lesbians when it comes to casual sex. The public park known for cruising in Dallas may not be as crowded as it used to be, but you can still see men headed (ahem) into the heavily wooded section on any given night.

I suppose the mechanics make public hookups easier for men, but I can’t imagine having sex in a park in any case. Of course, I find it hard to imagine hooking up in a bar, too, even after Marina and Jenny provided the visuals.

Am I just an old fuddy-duddy? Weigh in below in the comments.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the nightmare. It was Max’s. He fell asleep with Tara and was awaked by Buck, beating him up for sleeping with Pammy.

I’m not sure I’d ever sleep again.

Your turn — share your thoughts on this week’s United States of Tara.