Debate Team: Would you date a reformed cheater?

In just a few weeks, The Real L Word will be premiering on Showtime. I have many things to do in preparation for the big event: order Showtime, convince my friends to watch it with me and cross my fingers that I’m not in the background of any of the shots. 

The Real L Word storyline that interests me the most is that of 35-year-old Rose. Rose was the inspiration for The L Word’s Papi character and admits, “I’ve never been faithful to anyone in my life.” She claims to currently be in a committed relationship and has apparently changed her cheating ways. But can a leopard really change its spots? Or, for all you cat haters, can a cheater really change their ways? 

While I’ve been known to say “Monogamy is for lazy and ugly people” in my stand-up act, I’m just kidding. Truthfully, I married my soul mate and would never disrespect her by cheating.  

As a Grey’s Anatomy, fan I love watching all the drama unfold as the characters cheat each other but that’s a fictitious world. In the real real world, would you ever enter a relationship knowing that the person you’re dating has never been faithful to any previous partner?