Morning Brew: Tuesday, June 8

Gaydies and gentleman,

Margaret Cho has announced the release of her first musical album, Cho-Dependent on August 8. She collaborated with tons of musicians, including Tegan and Sara, Ani DiFranco, Garrison Starr, Meghan Toohey and Patty Griffin. In the press release, Tegan commented on working with the comedian:

Imagine 10 hours of laughing, singing, eating, laughing, talking, eating and laughing and you might have a bit of a clearer picture of what our two days and nights were like. The song itself turned out amazing. Margaret has a great voice and was so easy to work with. Definitely a budding musician!

Speaking of Tegan, she and her twin are also part of a compilation album called Terrible Thrills Vol. 1, covering the songs of the band Steel Train. Other artists involved include Holly Miranda, Amanda Palmer, Alia Shawkat and Scarlett Johansson. It’s now available for pre-order, but you can get your hands on it June 29.

The Cinema Pride Collection is available today on It might be worth splitting with your best gay boyfriend so he can keep La Cage Aux Folles and you can take Imagine Me & You, The Children’s Hour and the other lesbian-oriented films.

Unhappy White Girls is a comic in progress seeking funds on Why should you support it? Well, for one, it looks awesome. Two women, Triska Tsang and Vivian Lee, illustrate the comic about two best friends. And one of the friends, Brianna, is a lesbian.

Let’s do this, you guys — I’d love to get a copy in my hands.

It’s time for a new season of Big Brother UK and there are several new hopefuls vying for a spot. One of them is Miss Gay UK 2007, Kimberley Sanger. She’s 21 and from Swindon. Here’s hoping she makes it on. She could go all the way!

Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney, Heavens to Betsy) will release her solo LP on Kill Rock Stars on Oct. 5. She’s also released a handful of tour dates on the West Coast around the same time. Lucky coasters.

Sarah McLachlan is on the cover of She Magazine this month, and they asked her if she ever gave dating woman “any thought.” Her response:

Oh, yeah, I gave it plenty thought. [Laughs] But I’ve talked to enough of my lesbian friends to know that it’s no bloody easier dating women than it is dating men. It doesn’t bother me the least bit if people think I’m gay because I don’t really label or think of people as gay or straight. But who knows? I might fall in love with a woman. I haven’t yet, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself. I just love people, and the way I define love has nothing to do with gender. You fall in love with the person and soul behind the face and body.

So there you have it, lesbians. It’s not completely out of the question.

Danish reader Cardinal sent in this music video, “Vi To” from Medina, featuring couples in love, including a few lesbian pairings.

Frankfurt German’s Playmate Doreen Seidel has split from her boyfriend and confirmed she’s now in a relationship with her make-up artist, Minna. Doreen told the press:

We met last November. Since then I take them with you everywhere. We have already let us make rings in Las Vegas. And are inseparable. Officially we are but only for a month a couple.

And when asked what her friends say?:

They have always known! Stand fully behind me.

Congrats on your first girlfriend, Doreen. It looks like you’re enjoying yourself and the support of your pals! (Thanks Susanne!)

Don’t forget to watch Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family tonight. A new teen lesbian!

Come back for the Anyone But Me season finale today. It’s a killer.