Jane Lynch takes on the iPhone 4

Combine Jane Lynch with almost anything and it’s awesome. Jane plus cheerleaders: Sue Sylvester awesome. Jane plus Christopher Guest movies: Best in Show awesome. Jane plus peanut butter: PB and Jane awesome. So, naturally, combine Jane with the iPhone 4 and the result is an awesome spoof.

The Glee star signed on for a spoof of the newest, sleekest iPhone by online teen network Take180 for its web series, Electric Spoofaloo. Just seeing Jane’s delightful smirk (not to mention blue, blue eyes — swoon) is enough to make you smile. But then the video is pretty funny, too.

Singapore! Pleasure lairs! Caning! Oh, Jane Lynch. Why are you already married? Cluster bombs are going off in my pants at the way you talk about your front-facing camera/third nipple. If only there were an app for making Jane into your best friend.

I would hereby like to appoint Jane Lynch the designated spoofer of everything. Hey, if I can’t have the app, at least maybe I can watch the videos on my new iPhone 4.