Morning Brew: Thursday, June 10

Hello all! It’s Thursday — so close to Friday. Can you feel it?

Last night in the UK, the Big Brother 11 contestants were announced and able to enter the house. Among them is 24-year-old out lesbian filmmaker Shabby and Corin, a 29-year-old shop girl that identifies as bisexual and has a serious girlfriend. Here’s a look at them both:

Shabby: “Her film career as a child star saw her appear in Black Beauty and lose out to Lindsay Lohan for the role in Parent Trap. … Describes herself as ‘a walking contradiction with a love of poetry and giant boobs.”

She’s definitely going to be a character. Not a surprise they picked her!

Corin: “Says she would be prepared to put the relationship on hold so she doesn’t have to worry about her behaviour in the house … Says her next relationship will be with a man.”

I love when people hypothesize their next relationship while they’re still in one. I am beginning to feel bad for her girlfriend. Really bad.

If you’re not in the UK, you can keep up with all things BB11 on The Sun‘s website. We’ll also do our best to keep you posted on any related antics, though I doubt Shabby is Corin’s type — or vice versa.

Aubrey O’Day will be on a new episode of MTV’s When I Was 17 and one of the clips has her talking about not liking boys or sex when she was in high school.

Now considering she laughs and says “People probably thought I was a lesbian!” I’m wondering if she forgot she was bisexual, so it’s not like people were far off or thinking something offensive. Good thing impressionable teens watch MTV! Lesbian? What a laugh!

You guys, we only have a month to catch up on White Collar — or you can ignore the first season completely, really, because lesbian agent Diana was barely in it! But she is one of the major characters in season 2, and Marsha Thomasan was at a recent panel discussing what we can expect come July, promising we’ll find out “more about Diana’s past and her girlfriend.” Catch it on USA July 13.

True Blood premiered their first episode of Season 3 in Los Angeles on Tuesday night and both Kristin Bauer (who plays omnisexual vamp Pam) and Anna Paquin looked fierce on the blood red carpet.

If only they’d show up at my personal premiere party on Sunday. This is your official invite, Kristin and Anna! I have HBO!

E! Online’s Answer Bitch responds to a reader question on why girl-on-girl kisses are all the rage. In short:

Girl-on-girl kisses are great for (a) grabbing ink while (b) remaining wealthy, famous and popular. And, really, what other publicity stunt can claim the same result these days?

She gets props for her Marlene Dietrich and Morocco reference. Answer Bitch, are you a lesbian? Cue laughter from Aubrey O’Day.

ABC might finally air the last two episodes of Better of Ted. The tentative plan is to air them on June 17, but it all depends on the NBA Finals. If the Finals finish before then, it’s a go. If not, we’ll still have to wait for our official Portia de Rossi party. has compiled a list of their top 20 actresses under 30. It reads just like a list of’s favorite young women — seriously. Half of them have played gay, so it’s no surprise.

Irish singer Leanne Harte came out this week, telling The Daily Mail she hid her sexuality because she was Catholic. The 24-year-old was a rising star and then took a break to go to college. Now that’s back playing music, she feels she wants to be open and honest about being a lesbian.

I knew when I was seven because I just fell for someone who lived around the corner, but I put it to the back of my head and told myself: “Don’t think about it because it’s shameful” and “I’m from a Catholic family.”

I kissed a boy once and it was a horrific experience. I had another boyfriend who brought me to my debs and that was really the night that I thought: “OK, you really need to deal with this now.”

Leanne finally kissed a girl when she was 20.

It was awkward but great. I call it my first kiss, because the other one didn’t really count. It was so liberating. It was so like: This is who I am. I am so happy and I feel comfortable. It just clicked. I completely changed that year and then I was able to be happy within myself. That’s where I am at, now I’m ready to go back to music.

Congratulations Leeanne. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

One of the best things about Emmy time is that The Hollywood Reporter gives us these fabulous roundtables from the nominees. Here’s one of comedy actresses, Wanda Sykes, Jane Lynch, Felicity Huffman, Courtney Cox, Patricia Heaton and Sofia Vergara, discussing who they think is the funniest woman alive.

I declare Wanda the winner of that round.