Geeky cover girls

by scribegrrrl

The new issues of Wired and Geek are rather eye-popping, in different yet equally great and geeky ways.

Geek features Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe on 24), holding a bomb and serving up a killer stare.

And there are more yummy pictures inside. There’s also a “24 hours with Mary Lynn” sidebar that describes her average day. It includes these choice time slots:

9:02-10:02 [After Work Activities]: I hang out. Maybe go to Subway.
2:06-2:40 a.m. [Wake with Night Terrors] You know those foam mattresses? They don’t tell you when you buy them, but they can make you really sweaty so I’ll sometimes wake up with night terrors.


Wired features Jenna Fischer naked. Well, not quite. There’s an overlay (like a sheet of plastic film with clothes printed on it), and when you lift that, she’s “naked” but holding a strategically placed sign that describes the new concept of “radical transparency.”

Just Jared has the mind-numbing details. Is it really her body? Is the “bad photoshopping” intentional? I just think she looks sort of uncomfortable, but I’m happy to see Jenna Fischer anywhere, anytime.

One other interesting point: Both covers are pink. I’m not sure geeky girls wear pink all that often, really, but it makes for a nice study in contrasts. Maybe pink is the new geek.

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