And then there’s Maude (as well as Sabrina)

by scribegrrrl

The first season of Maude was released on DVD this week. Talk about long overdue. Is there a smarter, funnier, smarter (yes, I said that twice) show in all of television history? Not really. Especially not in sitcom-land.

Here’s a snippet from LA Weekly that handily (if unedited-ly) sums up Maude‘s brilliance:

From the show’s point of view, it wasn’t important to think like Maude, but it was important to have the open, honest, maybe combative yet often surprising discussions about politics, sexual issues and personal health that Maude (Bea Arthur), her husband, Walter (Bill Macy), and their single-mom daughter, Carol (Adrienne Barbeau), got caught up in.

It just doesn’t get better than Bea Arthur and Adrienne Barbeau. Funny is sexy, and, um, Barbeau-y is sexy.

On a sort-of-related note (in the sense that all brilliant TV is, arguably, related), episodes of Charlie’s Angels are now available on iTunes. Or so says Variety, anyway — when I checked the iTunes store just now, I found nothing. But I’ve never been much of a sleuth — I’m sure Charlie never would have hired me.

I would assume that 6 out of 10 lesbians prefer Sabrina, but maybe I’m wrong: Who’s your favorite Angel? Sabrina (Kate Jackson), Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) or Jill (Farrah Fawcett)? Oh, or Kris (Cheryl Ladd) or Tiffany (Shelley Hack)?