Afternoon Delight: Chely Wright autographs The White House and Constance McMillen marshals NYC Pride

One day, I’m going to stop crying like a little girl when I read Chely Wright‘s stories — but that day is not today. Last week, Chely attended an LGBT reception at the White House, in honor of Pride Month, and over the weekend, she wrote about her experience on Facebook. She was given a private tour of the White House, where Michelle Obama “looked at [her] dress and shoes (I swear to heaven above!).” She met Harvey Milk‘s nephew, who is continuing his uncle’s fight for equality. She signed the White House wall, and President Obama mentioned her by name in his speech.

The room was brimming with people who have stood up for justice and equality; whether it be a tactical and prepared stand or rather, by a circumstance that unraveled before them, causing them to be thrust into a position of freedom fighter– there they were. Whatever the impetus might have been… there they stood– and I stood with them. Proud. Overwhelmed. Emotional. At ease. Fulfilled. Hopeful.

I stood in a crowd of extraordinary people and heard The President of the United States of America call out my name and mention the fact that I was in attendance that night during a very inspirational, landmark speech about courage, pride and integrity. Sometimes I just shake my head in amazement at how good truth has been to me.

Sometimes I just shake my head in amazement at the openness and wide-eyed wonder Chely Wright is sharing with the world since deciding to come out.

Time for your daily Gaga Fix! Lady Gaga performed a new ballad, “You and I,” at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball last week in New York City. She said that it will probably never make it to an album because it’s less synthpop and more solo piano, but she Tweeted a bootleg version and invited her fans to enjoy it: “New Song. Written in NY on the piano I grew up on.” reader JoSchmo let us know that lesbian chef Courtney has been reinstated into the competition on MasterChef Australia. Is there a Vegemite challenge on MasterChef Australia? Does anyone know? Because I double-dare you to make it taste good. And don’t tell me to put it on my toast! I tried that already! (And don’t shout at me, OK? I cheered for Australia all the way through the World Cup.)

Remember Katie Cassidy, who played good ol’ bisexual publicist Ella on the now-defunct Melrose Place reboot? Well, you can stop mourning for her because she’s making one of those patented CW leaps right on over to Gossip Girl. EW‘s Michael Ausiello says Cassidy will play “a student at Columbia and a love interest for fellow undergrad Nate” next season. Awesome, awesome, awesome. XOXO!

Ausiello also broke the news today that the A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster petitions worked, at least a little. Cook will be back on Criminal Minds for a two-episode arc to wrap up her story, and Paget is in final negotiations to return to the show — in a limited capacity — next season.

After a months-long legal battle battle sponsored by the ACLU, Heritage of Pride brought Mississippi teen Constance McMillen to New York City last weekend, where she joined Dan Choi and Judy Shepard as Grand Marshals of the NYC Pride Parade. McMillen and Choi even walked a few blocks with GLAAD near the parade’s end.

Photo courtesy of Angela Atlas recently asked some of their favorite celebs what they are planning to do this summer. Here are our favorites of their favorites:

Tegan Quin:

Summer means patios! I love me a good mojito. There is, of course, no better time to indulge than summer. I’ll be making my own a lot but also frequenting my favorite place to get a mojito, the Cascade, in Vancouver. To die for.

Cat Cora

Doing: Taking up surfing lessons. Since the Pacific Ocean where we live tends to be pretty chilly, summer is the time to get in (with full wetsuit) and surf the days away.

Kristin Bauer:

Visiting Africa! I will be meeting my husband’s — and my new — family for the first time! (Yikes!) And we will also be visiting IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) Africa to help stop the elephant ivory trade.

Amanda Palmer:

I’ve got a friend working on the Lady Gaga tour and I am hoping to finally see The Gaga in action. Her whole business fascinates the s–t out of me. Also, I like flaming tits.

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by Paget Brewster (and Dani M, who suggested her because “She’s smart, funny and of course hot — what more do you need?”)

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