“She-Wolf” and kids these days

by Sarah Warn

Dark Horizons is reporting that there may be an updated version of Teen Wolf in the making. The original 1985 comedy was a fun flick starring Michael J. Fox as a high school basketball player-turned-werewolf, and the less-fun sequel Teen Wolf Too featured Jason Bateman as a college student in the title role. This one has Smallville’s Tom Welling reportedly attached – but not as the lead. This Teen Wolf is reportedly going to be about a female teen wolf.

So, who’s it gonna be? Or better yet, who should it be?

There’s always the obvious choices, like Heroes Hayden Panettiere, or Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson. Erica Hubbard would be great, but she is 28, and already stretching credibility as Lincoln Heights 16-year-old Cassie (although she’s great in that role).

In fact, everyone I can think of is too old, which makes me wonder: who are the young female up-and-comers to watch now? The Ally Sheedys, Jena Malones, even the (dare I say it) Lindsay Lohans of the new teen generation? And don’t say Dakota Fanning – the fact that she’s 13 now already makes me feel too old…