Afternoon Delight: Ellen Page in a tux, Amber Benson in a studded collar, and Michelle Rodriguez in just enough leather

No time for introductions today — too many chicks you love doing things you love. Firstly, Michelle Rodriguez working a gun and an eye-patch in the new Machete teaser poster.

ONTD gave the best description of the film I’ve heard so far: “Michelle Rodriguez as Shé, Machete’s right-hand woman. She’s a taco stand worker who happens to know her way around automatic weapons. And she’s smokin hot.” 

You had me at Michelle Rodriguez.

Secondly, Ellen Page in a tux.

The LA Times‘ “Hero Complex” blog has a great piece on her and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and their new film, Inception.

But more than their work in any single film, Gordon-Levitt and Page are interesting because, in an era when vacuous celebrity and recycled concepts are ascendant, they are talented actors of serious ambition. Of course, both of them roll their eyes at the expectations and even pretensions that come bundled with that sort of statement — but they also talk freely and articulately about their frustrations with media of the moment and the paradoxes of stardom.

Seriously, if you’re an Ellen Page fan, read the whole article. You won’t be disappointed, especially when he describes what Ellen is wearing and when she explains what she does in her free time.

And, as a bonus treat, here’s five minutes of Inception that was released as a sneak peek today!

Here’s a little Tweet and photo from Amber Benson that I’m sorry I missed back at the end of June:

We’ve joked about it, but Ellen DeGeneres actually is taking over the world. The Business of Television Broadcasting and Cable reported today that:

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution (WBDTD) has cleared syndication standout The Ellen DeGeneres Show on stations covering 99% of the country for 2011-2012, and has renewed it in over 85% of the country for 2012-2013.

WBDTD president Ken Werner said in a statement, “Stations and viewers alike have identified Ellen as a unique and compelling program that is poised to become the dominant early fringe talk franchise for women for years to come.”

The always-hilarious Snicks over at has uncovered a Flickr set for NOM’s “Protecting Marriages” summer tour.

Snicks is right about the comments on the photos: They’re priceless. Here’s my favorite: “What kind of gas mileage does bigotry get nowadays?”

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by Karen Gillan. (EstherGreenwood, you are welcome.)

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