The Huddle: Cross-dressers

There’s something sexy about a woman in a tie. Gay women can appreciate a good gender-bend, especially when the woman donning the menswear is just plain hot to begin with. Christina Hendricks recently posed in a button-down shirt and slacks, and the recent commentary on Ellen Page‘s "asexual chic" look had us thinking about the resurgence of the trend.

So team: Who’s your favorite cross-dresser? Ready, break!

Heather Hogan My hands-down, all-time, favorite-ever gender-bending female has got to be Anne Hathaway from when she did Twelfth Night at Shakespeare in the Park. It’s not that it’s my second-favorite Shakespeare or that she charmed the pants off every critic or that her performance made the tabloids shut the frak up about her incarcerated ex-boyfriend. Nu uh.

The reason Hathaway is my favorite gender-bender is because she has always, always, always looked to me like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And then she put on Viola’s dude suit and she looked just like Gaston! It’s like she’s a Disney character any which way you dress her!

It kind of makes it even aweome-er now when I hear Gaston sing, "Here in town there’s only she, who’s as beautiful as me …"

thelinster: Katharine Hepburn was sexually fluid before the term was invented.

Sigh. Kiss me, Kate.