The Huddle: Putting a lesbian on “Dancing With the Stars”

Earlier this week, Clementine Ford Tweeted that she was interested in going on Dancing With the Stars. And if the casting people at CBS was paying attention, they should know that she’d be perfect. But if Clem is too busy with her Young & the Restless schedule, we have a few other nominees for the first lesbian contestant to grace the stage.

Here are our picks for a future gay Dancing With the Stars female:

thelinster: I think it would be cool to have Rachel Maddow on, assuming they would let her wear a tux and lead. I can totally see her doing a waltz with one of the female dancers, looking gorgeous and elegant. She loves the classics.

drummerdeeds: How cute would it be if Chely Wright were on Dancing with the Stars? Not to typecast her for being a country singer, but I bet she could do a mean line-dance. I would definitely tune in if she did the hoe-down across the stage.

Mia Jones: After seeing her live last night, I’m going to have to pick Fortune Feimster. She’s got the moves and I’m fairly certain she’d try anything at least once. Also, she’d kill at the Lambada.

Grace Chu: I will second Mia’s pick. Based on the creative moves in this video, I’ll also pick Bridget McManus. Fast forward and check around the 1:23 mark.


Trish Bendix: I’d like some andro-action on the show, just to challenge some perceptions a little bit. So since thelinster already nominated Rachel Maddow, I’m going to go with Dani Campbell. She’s no stranger to reality TV, and she’d probably charm the straight women like Jackie Warner does on Bravo.

Heather Hogan: You know how when you champion fictional relationships, it’s called "shipping"? And you know how the actual fictional relationships are called "ships"? And you know how your favorite relationship is called your "OTP" (One True Pairing)? It is commonly accepted among my friends that my OTP is Lindsay Lohan/Lindsay Lohan’s Career. I long for them to be together again, in perfect harmony. And I think maybe Dancing With the Stars is the way to make that happen.

Think about it: Lohan shows up on time for her rehearsals, proves that she’s reliable, dances with something other than a pole, is charming, is talented, wins the hearts of America by winning the hearts of Bruno, Carrie Ann and Len! Look, if I can root for Bristol Palin, America can root for Lindsay Lohan.

Who would you like to see do the jive?