The Huddle: You know how I know I’m gay?

This week, SpiceZee gave some suggestions on how to "discover your true sexual tendencies." Among them: "Watch a gay porn movie," "Sunbathe on a nudist beach" and have sex with a guy and see if you’re dreaming about another girl.

Seeing as how these ideas are completely ridiculous, I knew it was time to ask the bloggers for some better ideas.

Lesley Goldberg: I think half the free world knew that I was gay before I did: I played baseball (and later softball) since I was 11. All my friends growing up were boys because they had better toys: action figures, baseball cards and all played sports. I embraced skateboard culture and dressed like a boy. I rejected things most teen girls my age were excited for: makeup, school dances and generally everything to do with fashion or New Kids on the Block (I’m totally dating myself here).

But the biggest indicator that I was a gay lady was that I was painfully shy around girls. Once I figured out I was gay, the shyness around girls made sense — it wasn’t so much that I was completely inept at speaking to girls, it’s that I had crushes on them. So really, the writing was on the wall for me long before I came out at age 20.

Bridget McManus: You know you’re gay when you pretend to like boys just to get closer to girls. In elementary school, all my female friends loved New Kids on the Block. I didn’t like them — couldn’t tell you who was in the band — yet I pretended I did. I even volunteered to be the choreographer when my friends practiced recreating the NKOTB dance routines. I just sat and watched them dance for hours.

Yep, I was one gay kid.

Grace Chu: You know you’re gay when you’re in a subway station with a straight male co-worker, a poster of sunshine crotch catches his eye, and the following conversation unfolds:

Him: Whoa — who are they?
Me: Oh, it’s a reality show. Sort of like, Real Housewives of Orange County, except —
Wait, what does the "L" stand for?
Me: You’re kidding, right?

He had never heard of The L Word either. Ladies, we live in a bubble.