The 20 Most Popular Posts on in 2010

It’s been a long year, full of lesbian content and other stuff we all wanted to talk about. We thought it would be fun to see what the most popular stories were in the last 365 days. Some of it was expected (lists and polls always do well) and some of it was surprising (more of you wanted to read about what Laurel Holloman has been up to than what Jennifer Beals had to say), and some probably came from just as many new readers as from faithfuls (like Amber Heard‘s first discussion about her sexuality and our story on lesbian cheerleaders).

Here’s what you were reading this year:

1. The 2010 Hot 100

It’s probably not a surprise that our 2010 Hot 100 list is the most widely read piece on the site. One of the reasons it was originially created was to get lesbians’ input on who is hot, so of course it will be of continuing interest to gay women and people who are curious as to who lesbians desire. This year, Olivia Wilde took home the top prize.

2. Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters

Another poll, another chance for the women that make up the Skins lesbian couple, Naomily, to battle for votes. And it seems that UK television has continued to improve on the portrayal of gay female characters. If we take votes again in 2011, we expect to see the ladies of Lip Service on the list.

3. The 50 Most Important Out Women in Music

Another list, you ask? Well, they certainly reel in the opinions. Women are often left off of conventional “best in music” lists, so we created our own. Weighing in the individual musician’s accomplishment was difficult, especially because we have so many out artists now that keeping it to 50 was damn near impossible.

4. Skins recaps

It should be no surprise that the Naomily fans love to read and rehash what happened on every episode of season 4 this year. We even went back to season 3 for some retro recaps and those also kept you coming back to reminisce.

5. Lip Service recaps

There may have only been six episodes of season 1, but we were hooked as soon as we laid eyes on the cast. Great LezBritain columnists Sarah and Lee are not only hilarious recappers, but well-informed, as they are tight with the cast and crew behind the show. No wonder we flock to their recaps — they have insider information! We expect to see their recaps dominate again next year now that we’ve learned S2 of Lip Service has been greenlit.