The 20 Most Popular Posts on in 2010

16. The Real L Word recaps

bad machine‘s rehashing of every Sunday night’s events made the reality series more bearable. And it’s a good thing you like reading them because they’ll be back for a second season!

17. Review of Chloe

It wasn’t a huge film this year, but the thriller starring Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore was always on our radar. How was it? Our own Lesley Goldberg wrote “Chloe provides moviegoers with a sexually charged climax (zing!) that only deepens our love and respect for Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried.” So yea, you probably went to see it.

18. An interview with Jennifer Beals

The L Word star has moved onto a new show, and we had to know all about it. Ride Along is now called Chicago Code, but we got the scoop, nonetheless. And is she still in touch with her former castmates? She told us, “Off and on. I’d love to have a reunion; I tried to organize one so I could show everyone the photographs, but it really was like wrangling cats.”

19. Sugarbutch Says: Butches on Television

Our resident butch columnist Sinclair Sexsmith gave us a detailed history on how butch characters have been portrayed on TV, and the little progress that has been made over four decades. She writes, “Folks like Ellen [DeGeneres] and Rachel [Maddow] and Katherine [Moennig] are pushing the limits, but the most successful butch and genderqueer performers have also been able to tone down their own presentation of masculinity if needed, and seem to be willing to do so.” Yes, we still have a long way to go.

20. Rizzoli & Isles recaps

You asked for it, and you received it. Who knew that a show that had only one lesbian-themed episode could get you all rawled up and wanting more? Dorothy Snarker‘s subtext recaps provide your inner dialogue so you know you’re not the only one thinking “Just f–k already!”