Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Homeland” SnapCap (1.08)

Just when you thought you could relax and enjoy Homeland, another revelation chills us to the bone. Sure, we knew that what happened last week didn’t mean Brody was in the clear. But I was still thrown by this episode’s twists.


We know better than to expect much in the way of girl/girl action from Homeland, but we did get a teeny bit of eye candy this week in the form of Helen Walker and her arms. I call this screencap, “Helen, yeah!”


Most of the feelings this week whirled around love and loss. Saul’s wife Mira leaves and despite the tension between them in the days before, we finally see Mira break down on her way to the airport. She does love Saul — she just can’t live with the fact that he will always choose duty over her.

Carrie is confronted with real feelings for Brody — despite getting close to him to get information — and realizes what her own choices mean. In a heartbreaking scene with Saul right after Mira leaves, Carrie says she’s had an epiphany. “I’m going to be alone my whole life, aren’t I?” Saul says nothing, which says everything.

Meanwhile, Helen Walker learns that her ex-husband Tom is alive — and may be in cahoots with Abu Nazir. In contrast to the adjustment pains as Jessica and Brody deal with how things have changed since his return, Helen remembers only how things used to be — and how much she loved Tom. When he says her name, she can’t go through with helping the FBI and CIA capture him. She doesn’t care who he’s become — she’s just happy he’s alive. And she chooses love over duty.


As I watched this episode the first time, I honestly believed that things between Brody and Jess had turned a corner. He came home from his encounter with Carrie ready to apologize for how he’d been acting and ready to make a new start with his family. I loved seeing the Brodys all playing cards and watching movies and generally being normal. And when Morena Baccarin smiles like this, the unicorns sing and nothing hurts.

But after the twist at the end? Creeeepy. The whole Elizabeth Gaines party, which sets Brody up as the candidate to replace disgraced Congressman Dick Johnson is a prelude to a Manchurian Candidate scenario — except that Brody is aware of what he’s doing. Maybe. He didn’t know that Walker is alive, so he doesn’t have the whole picture. And when Carrie tells him that he didn’t kill Walker after all, Brody goes ballistic over Nazir lying to him.

But exactly who is behind all of the machinations remains to be seen. That the wealth and influence of Elizabeth and her friends are somehow connected to Abu Nazir is not out of the question. Nothing is ever as it seems in Homeland.


Once again, Homeland made us glad we’re watching. We can even forgive the Dick Johnson jokes, because we’re left wanting more. Walker is in a storage shed assembling a sniper’s rifle. Brody is storming away from nearly killing a Saudi diplomat, sending the message to Nazir that he’s through. Saul and Carrie are trying to console themselves that serving their country is worth sacrificing everything else in their lives. And the death of two Muslims, killed during prayer, will be scarcely noticed amidst the announcement that Tom Walker is a terrorist — a ploy to save the TAC team the embarrassment of admitting a botched capture attempt.

I still have questions about Saul. Why did he forgive Carrie so easily when she told him she got involved with Brody? After coming very close to firing her for spying on Brody, Saul was way too casual about the direct relationship. And how about Brody — can a terrorist just change his mind? Somehow I doubt Abu Nazir will accept his resignation. We do know one thing for sure, though: nothing is for sure in Homeland.

What did you think of this episode? Has Brody really withdrawn from the terrorist plot or is this just another trick? Share your thoughts in the comments.