Chicks Getting Hitched: Love is in bloom

Spring officially began less than a week ago, but where I live in Chicago, we’ve had unseasonably high temperatures and the season is in full bloom. The sun in shining into the evening, trees are full with feathery pink and white blooms, birds are chirping and flowers are sprouting in backyards. After a long winter, spring makes everything feel so fresh and alive. It’s hard not to be happy in this kind of weather (believe me, I’ve tried). There’s a sense of newness and hope in the air, which I guess is why spring is such a popular time for weddings. Whether your springtime nuptials are around the corner or you’re newly engaged and planning a spring wedding for next year, here’s some inspiration to incorporate this delightful season into your big day.

Grow your own wedding flowers

Please ladies, if you’ve never even kept a houseplant alive for longer than three months, do not try this at home. But, if you have a bit of a green thumb and some space for gardening, growing your own wedding flowers is just about the sweetest and most economical spring wedding tip I can offer. Do some research to figure out which flowers grow best in your region and be sure they will bloom by your wedding date. My favorite spring bloom is tulips. If you plant bulbs in late fall, you should have a bounty of colorful tulips by early spring to use in wedding day bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and boutonnieres. These beauties just popped up in my backyard yesterday.

Make the best of April showers

Spring is a moody little season, isn’t it? One hour it’s blue skies and sunshine, and the next it’s wet and gray. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. I don’t know about that, but if you get a few drops, you may also get a rainbow – the ultimate backdrop for lesbian wedding photos, and, in my opinion, God’s way of saying that she supports the legalization of same-sex marriage.

A rainy day won’t put a damper on things if you come prepared with photo-worthy umbrellas. Not only will umbrellas keep you dry (duh!), but they’re also a great way to personalize your wedding. Femmes might choose girlie parasols with lace trim. Traditional couples can opt for a classic umbrella monogrammed with their initials. In a previous column, I wrote about how to incorporate rainbows into your wedding without veering into tacky territory. Rainbow umbrellas are the perfect way to add a subtle splash of gay into your big day. No matter what style umbrella you choose for your spring wedding, I think you’ll find they make the most adorable props for romantic photos.

Drink in the season

I think a signature cocktail is a must-have at any wedding these days. They add a personal touch to cocktail hour and are a sophisticated way to save money if you don’t want to host a full bar. Guests will have a spring in their step if you kick off the party with a seasonal libation like mint juleps or Pimm’s cups. Or, try one of my favorite recipes: any fruit-flavored vodka (I like pear), a drop of St. Germain and a splash of Prosecco served in a champagne flute and topped with an edible flower.

Dress for the occasion

Spring is the perfect time to embrace less-traditional wedding outfits. Think tea-length dresses and suits made of linen or seersucker. Dolly Couture sells all kinds of vintage-inspired tea length dresses that seem tailor-made for spring weddings. My favorite is this sweet organza number with subtle pink champagne polka dots. Bonus: tea-length dresses let you show off your wedding shoes, which in case you haven’t heard, need not be boring ivory satin pumps. Choose a playful pair in a vibrant color.

I can envision many dapper brooms tying the knot in a seersucker suit like this one from J. Crew.

Bring nature inside

If you’re searching for spring wedding décor ideas, just take a look outside your window. Spring offers tons of natural elements that can easily be turned into wedding day decorations. Use a box of bright green grass to hold place cards or make springy centerpieces out of cherry blossoms, which will give you just as much drama as pricey floral arrangements.

Gifts that keep giving

After attending your spring wedding, friends and family may feel inspired to dive into the season. Give them a head start with a plantable favor like packets of seeds to grow an herb garden or small potted flowering plants. You can order herb and flower seeds with customized labels from sites like I love these flower seed boxes that come with a faux flower on top to give guests a glimpse of what’s to come.

Have you caught spring fever? Tell us your favorite ideas for spring weddings.