“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: Need You Now – Part One

Note: The bait is factoring in the deleted scene, as mentioned at the end of this recap. Otherwise, nada.


Can I be straight with you guys? I mean, as straight as we can be around here?

I know this episode had Fiona, Imogen, and Adam all wrapped up in a pretty little bow called “Need You Now, Part 1,” but I just wasn’t feeling it. So this week, instead of recapping the episode as it was to non-enlightened viewers, I decided to slip on a pair of Gay Girl’s Goggles and see what was really happening.


This week, Eli had lot of feelings. Which is very lesbian of him, now that I’m thinking about it.

He and Imogen have been taking their newfound lesbian love out for a test drive, and, even though she knows and accepts that he’s bipolar, he continues to hide half of his feelings from her. With my Goggles on, I understand that he clearly doesn’t realize that there’s this thing called processing. He’s going to need to get much better at it if he wants to hang on to Imogen.

Fiona, though, feels no shame in encouraging Eli to process his relationship with their mutual best friend and crush (how gay!). He finds Imogen channeling her feelings into her senior art project – constructed entirely with scraps of plaid flannel and pictures of her cats, of course – which is based on Eli’s inner turmoil.

The idea is actually not so shabby – she wants to show people that mental illness is not a stigma – but using Eli’s likeness and struggles without his consent is not one of her better decisions.

Needless to say, he’s not pleased. Instead of processing like a good lesbian, though, he breaks Imogen’s camera.


Fiona finds Eli and re-explains to him how processing works. She’s sure he can find a better way to express himself to Imogen, which he understands as “buy Imogen a new camera.”

While she thinks it’s sweet, it’s not sweet enough to convince her to hang out with him that night. She’s got an evening of “triple H” ahead of her – homework, a hot bath and Harry Potter.

And by “homework” she meant, “Fiona and I are still working on that project together, except we’re done with the ‘project’ part, so we’re just working on the ‘together’ part.”


Along comes Adam, who – as resident straight guy this episode – is content to play video games in lieu of dealing with emotions. But when Eli reveals that he pawned his dad’s beloved guitar in order to afford Imogen’s new camera, Adam encourages him to fess up. Not fess up as in leave 74 voicemails for Imogen, though. Eli, can you say “gay”?

Eli convinces Adam to leave so that he can calm down, which is lesbian code for “continue to freak out and press redial a hundred more times.” He makes such a good lesbian!

Meanwhile, Fiona and Imogen are totally making out. I swear. The producers just cut that scene because Eli was lesbian enough for their average viewers.

This is totally Fiona kissing Imogen, right?

You should totally believe me, I saw it with the Goggles.

Until next time, peeps! How long do you think we’ll have to wait until the big Eli-is-a-lesbian reveal? Anyone want to take bets on whether that deleted scene will make it into “Need You Now, Part 2”?