Wow! After Three Years Mom Stops Referring To Girlfriend As ‘Special Friend’

This holiday season has been full of gratitude for one local lesbian, Meagan Taylor, whose mother has seemingly made peace with the fact that her daughter is an unrepentant homosexual.

“She just referred to me as Megan’s girlfriend out of nowhere,” Taylor’s girlfriend Amy Ashby tells AE. “I almost shot pumpkin pie spice right out of my nose when she said it.

In the last three years, she has called me every name that you could think of to describe a platonic pal, but never ‘girlfriend.’ Not once.”

“Now that you mention it, she literally told me that you two were ‘platonic pals’ the first time you came to visit us,” share’s Meagan’s younger sister Jess. You know, the time she told you guys to sleep in the bunk beds?”  Jess adds while snickering.

Meagan adds “Amy and I have been together for three years. She and I live together. And my mom has known I’m a lesbian for over a decade. This isn’t anything new, so I’m not sure what took so long.”

She continues while laughing “But now it’s actually become a bit of a drinking game for Amy, my siblings, and me. If she introduces Amy as my ‘roomie’, we have a beer. If she introduces her as my ‘gal pal,’ we take a shot. If she calls her my ‘special friend’ we have to down one of Aunt Helen’s Smirnoff Ices. You get the picture. We’re basically buzzed from Thanksgiving to New Years.”

When we asked Meagan’s mom, Mary, what took her so long to refer to Amy as Meagan’s partner, she said “I’m pretty sure I was calling Amy my daughter’s girlfriend all along. Have I not been? I mean, I certainly don’t have a problem with, you know, my daughter, you know, how she’s gay.”

“You know how I’ve always said, honey, that love is love!” Meagan’s mom continues, while trying to finger comb Meagan’s hair. “I do wonder what you are doing with your hair these days. Did you really need to cut it all off? Your hair is just so beautiful. Maybe next time, ask for it to be a little more like Demi Moore.”

Amy adds in that she can’t wait to see the lady cut clothes Meagan’s mom gets her for Christmas this year. “Yeah, we’ve made that into a drinking game too.”