Letter from the Editor: Announcing our Acquisition by Logo

Monday, June 5, 2006 – I started AfterEllen.com in 2002 as a hobby because I couldn’t find anything, online or offline, that focused on queer women in entertainment. Four years later, it has turned into the largest lesbian website on the Internet, and more than a full-time job for me.

A little over a year ago, I started AfterElton.com, and handed the editorial reigns over to Michael Jensen, who’s done an excellent job making it the premiere destination for and about gay and bisexual men in entertainment.

Today, I am happy to announce that Erosion Media, the company I started with my partner which owns AfterEllen.com, AfterElton.com, and three other gay and lesbian websites, has been acquired by Logo, the LGBT cable channel and entertainment source from MTV Networks. This is a great fit for us, because the folks at Logo are just as committed to LGBT entertainment as we are, and their expertise in television and authentic content creation and programming is an excellent complement to our online experience.

So what does this mean for AfterEllen.com and AfterElton.com?

It means we’ll have more content–starting this week, we’re doubling the number of articles we publish on the sites–more resources, and better access to content and celebrities. All of which will make the sites even better!

It means you may see some changes to the websites over the coming months, but only to make the sites’ content and experience even richer. And while we will continue to report on Logo’s LGBT entertainment programming, as we have in the past, we are still committed to unbiased coverage of all entertainment that promotes gay and lesbian visibility.

In short, while there may be some changes, the heart of the sites will stay the same: news, reviews, interviews, and commentary about lesbian and bisexual women in entertainment on AfterEllen.com, and gay and bisexual men in entertainment on AfterElton.com.

I will continue to serve as Editor of AfterEllen.com, and Michael as Editor of AfterElton.com. Karman Kregloe has also come on board full-time as our Associate Editor. We will continue to run FakeGayNews.com, as well, but we have discontinued our two other websites, The Big Gay Picture and All Gay News, because we want to focus 100% of our efforts on entertainment moving forward.

I want to thank all of you for all your feedback and suggestions, which have definitely made these sites what they are today, and for being patient when we’ve made mistakes, which I’m sure we’ll continue to do in the future as we experiment with new ideas.

Most of all, I want to thank you very much for your loyalty and support over the years. I hope you find the years ahead to be even better!

Sarah Warn
Editor, AfterEllen.com