Lez Dish It Out – January 25, 2021

Ready for another news roundup, ladies? 

Lesbian Outs Family For Participating In Violent Insurrection

My, my how the tables have turned. To make this even sweeter, 18-year old lesbian, Helena Duke, was kicked out of her home for attending a Black Lives Matter protest. Duke took to Twitter the day after the riot and named her mother, uncle, and aunt as participants of the riot. She did not hesitate. But, as is always the case with a hero’s journey it’s not all good. “I am honestly very disappointed to have to be part of this family that is so… just, very not welcoming or supportive,” she lamented. “I don’t feel safe being part of this family.” Duke told Buzzfeed. You’ve got an army of lesbians that have your back, little sister. And we applaud your bravery. 

Brie Larson Once Again Made Lesbians Lose Their Minds

First, it was the inherent homoeroticism between Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau. Then, short-haired Captain Marvel took our breaths away. And who could forget the time she asked, “how do I top lesbians?” To which Tessa Thompson replied, “I’m sure the lesbians can show you.” And now she’s back at it again. In her latest YouTube video, the Captain Marvel star takes several online quizzes about herself. When met with a question asking what her 10-year-old self is doing during recess, she says, “I’d probably be on the computer in the library, searching: ‘How do I know if I’m gay?’” Okay Miss Brie. Of course lesbian Twitter lost their minds over it. Larson has been vocal for more LGB representation in the MCU and made it no secret that she ships her Captain with Thompson’s Valkyrie. But is this really news worthy? Well, we’ll take our crumbs and go. You can watch the full video below. 

Lesbian Short Film LoverGirl Available Now on YouTube

Looking to watch something cute that will remind you of how much of a goofy little lesbian you were in high school? You might want to check out LoverGirl. The short film has already won several independent awards. But what’s it about? Dakota has crushed on her friend Danny for ages. She never made a move because she always assumed Danny was straight. But when she suddenly comes out as bisexual, Dakota finally has her chance. She comes up with grand gestures in an attempt to ask out her crush, but they all backfire. Will our LoverGirl ever get get her date? Watch and find out!

Soccer Lesbian Britt Eckerstrom Announces Retirement

The Portland Thorns goalkeeper announced her retirement from professional soccer this week. Eckerstrom, who has been with the Thorns since 2017, has had a solid career. She’s played 1,800 minutes, recorded 71 saves with five clean sheets, and won two NWSL championships. Eckerstrom shined during last year’s Challenge Cup, reminding everyone of her talent. While she hasn’t announced any plans about what she’ll do next, she has the support of her fellow players and fans. Good luck on the next part of your journey, Britt! 

The United States Vs Billie Holiday Heads to Hulu on February 26th

The biopic based on the legendary singer’s life will be available to stream next month. The movie stars Andra Day as Billie Holiday, Trevante Rhodes as Jimmy Fletcher, and Natasha Lyonne as Tallulah Bankhead. And if you’re wondering why we’re talking about this, it’s because it looks like the movie will touch upon the affair between Bankhead and Holiday. You should have guessed there would be lady-loving content when you found out Natasha Lyonne is in it, because there’s a 75% chance something will be gay if she’s involved. Watch the trailer below. 

A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem Now Available on VOD

The documentary follows former cheerleaders as they shine a light on the outrageous pay gap prevalent throughout the NFL. How bad is the pay gap you ask? It can be as little as $5 per hour, and some women never get paid at all. That’s just wrong. And while this film doesn’t have any lesbian content, it’s still import to acknowledge the work of our straight sisters in the fight for equal pay.

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