Simple Summer Wedding Ideas to Inspire You

Is it summer yet where you live? We’ve had just a precious few warm and sunny days here in Chicago, so I have summer on the brain. Naturally, I’m thinking of summer weddings and all of the fun ways you can incorporate the colors, tastes, sounds and scents of the season into your warm-weather nuptials. If you’re planning a summer wedding, you’ll definitely want to steal some of these ideas for your big day.

Craft Your Own  Refreshing Signature Summer Cocktail 

A hot summer wedding practically begs from a cool and refreshing signature cocktail. Serve something that incorporates summer flavors like mojitos made with fresh mint and seasonal fruit or a beach-inspired rumrunner. If you’re getting married under the hot sun, don’t make your guests wait until cocktail hour for a cold drink. Have waiters serve your signature cocktail as guests arrive so they can sip on it during the ceremony. We like these ideas from Bit By a Fox.

Embrace the Flavors of the Season 

Summer is prime time for fresh produce, so make sure your caterer designs a menu around what’s in season. Think asparagus gazpacho, salad made with ripe cherries prosciutto-wrapped watermelon appetizers, roasted artichoke flatbread or strawberry rhubarb pie. The possibilities are endless this time of year. Find out what’s in season where you live and take it from there.

Good News for Bridesmaids

The most modern way to dress your bridesmaids is in mismatched ensembles. That is good news for bridesmaids everywhere because they will now actually have a shot in hell of wearing that dress again. The trick to mismatching is to do it artfully. Each girl’s dress can be totally unique, as long as they all have one common element – a similar color palette or contrasting patterns in the same cut. Here is a selection of mismatched dresses from BHLDN that I think would be darling for bridesmaids in a summer wedding. They’ve got some colors in common and all have a vintage vibe for a look that is cohesive, but not matchy-matchy.

Lighten Up

Heavy fabrics and dark colors can be out of place at a sunny summer wedding. Dress butches and bois in lightweight linen or classic seersucker. Here are two laid-back looks from our friends at J. Crew.

Hire a Beachy Band

If you’re not getting married on the beach, you can transport your guests there with music. Instead of a more formal string quartet or jazz trio, hire a steel drum, calypso or reggae band to liven up your party.

Go For A Cool Dessert Option

A lot of couples are getting in on the food truck craze by commissioning trucks to serve late-night snacks like tacos or mini-burgers to guests. For a fun summer variation on that trend, skip the wedding cake and get an ice cream truck to serve dessert. Guests will be delighted the novelty (who can resist the allure of an ice cream truck?) and they’ll appreciate a cold treat on a steamy night.

Light Up the Summer Sky 

Instead of tossing rice or blowing bubbles, have your nearest and dearest send you and your wife off in true summer style – with sparklers! Bonus points to the wedding guest who can do this with her sparkler:

What are your summer-inspired ideas?