The Huddle: Quitters

With the new year of resolutions, it’s also a time of giving up some bad habits or things that just aren’t doing us justice. So in the spirit of resolving, this week’s huddle is all about quitting. What’s something that you’ve quit?

Elaine Atwell: I quit smoking and I miss it so goddamn much. I was such a good smoker, you guys. But sadly, it was killing me. Like, I cheated a little over the holidays and it is just ASTONISHING how much it fucks with your ability to breathe when you inhale fire. 

Erin Faith Wilson: I quit smoking! I had been a pack a day smoker for 10 years so being able to say I am a non-smoker is a really great feeling, not to mention being able to run more than a block without feeling like death:

Lucy Hallowell: I quit following people on social media who drive me bananas. I am so much happier and less rageful. 

Dana Piccoli: I think the only thing I’ve ever really quit that was really hard for me was regular soda. That was tough because diet soda is the pits. However after years if drinking it, I can’t handle the sugary syrupyness of regular. Give me my chemicals! 

Ali Davis: I quit Diet Coke and diet drinks in general in college and it was really, really hard. I have no idea how much Diet Coke I drank in high school, but I was an academic geek with an after-school job, so it wasn’t pretty. I’m guessing my liver is still mad. 

I only quit in college because I would have one medium diet drink every day at lunch and one day the machine was broken and I wanted to hurl a table through the window. Like a surge of animal panic and anger. So I went cold-turkey and pretty much had to white-knuckle it out. 

I’ve also given up caffeine a few times—my notes from my 8 a.m. classes one semester are HILARIOUS and filled with dream imagery—and slept well and had insanely vivid dreams. But something always makes me fall back into its sweet, trembling arms. I’m going to go have a hit right now, in fact. And I don’t even care.

Valerie Anne: I quit Diet Coke because it was either no Diet Coke or A HUNDRED DIET COKES and there was no in between. I also quit ballet when I was, like, nine because everything was pink and serious and there was SO MUCH SPINNING. I preferred tap class anyway. 

On a less literal note, I quit hiding. When I came out as a lesbian, I also came out as, well, me. I’m a geeky, TV-addicted book nerd. I no longer have any “guilty pleasures” because I no longer feel bad about liking things that make me happy.