Sexy Gifts for You and Your Love

Turn up the heat this cuffing season with these naughty and nice gift ideas. And enter to win one of ten The RockHer™ toys from the one and only lesbian sex toy shop, Wet For Her! ENTER THE GIVEAWAY CONTEST HERE

Union Vibrating Double Dildo

The double dildo nixes the need for a harness in strap-on sex. The wearer inserts the bulb-end, bearing down on her PC muscles to hold it inside of her. The Union has a copper wire core, so it’s flexible and bendable, allowing it to fit the angle of your bodies in just about any position. It comes with a bullet vibe which has five speeds and is USB rechargeable. Offered in three sizes, you should probably get one for every occasion!

Wrapping idea: this is really a gift for both of you, so however you wrap it, make sure to unwrap it together.

Joque Strap-On Harness

An adjustable harness made of top-quality elastic fabric, the Joque Strap harness has a little give, but stays in place with adjustable buckles. Three loops allow the wearer to adjust the size for just about any body, and velcro fasteners lock it in place. 

The best part of the harness is that it can bring more pleasure to the wearer. Leave the flap behind the O-ring open and you’ll get clit stimulation from rubbing against the dildo. The Fusion dildo is a great fit here, or the Bumpher over-the base clit stimulator. The harness can fit up to two bullet vibes.

Wrapping idea: wear it loose underneath a plushy robe. Tell her to unwrap you. Tell her she’s gotta steal it off you. Put up at least a little bit of a struggle.


If your lady likes to strap, the Bumpher is the perfect addition. The stretchy silicon will fit over many types of round-base dildos. Has she ever complained about her dildo chafing or rubbing against her the wrong way? The Bumper is the perfect fix. It’s made of super-soft silicone and is velvety to the touch. A firm ridge down the center stimulates the clit, while soft silicone protects the labia from getting chafed or sore. It is combatible with the Joque strap harness or underwear-style harnesses.

Wrapping idea: This makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and the perfect sneak preview if you’re also gifting her a new dildo!

Boxer Briefs 

For the butch in your life, these slip-on briefs can be worn all day or night like normal underwear, on stand-by waiting for a vibrator or dildo. They are compatible with double dildos like the Double Dildo Four.

Wrapping idea: Buy her an assortment of boxer briefs and tuck this one somewhere in the middle for an extra surprise twist!

Sexy Lingerie Strap Kit

Exclusively for the Femme Top in your life, the Sasha kit features a panty harness with garter straps for thigh high stockings. It also comes with a Fusion dildo, the molded silicone features a firm ridge for direct clit stimulation while she has her way with you.

Wrapping idea: Obviously you need to buy some very high thigh-highs to attach to those panties. Service bottoms, worship her feet a little bit before you roll up her stockings, strap them on, and pull her closer.

Finger Vibrator

This is a soft-silicone, 10-speed vibrator that fits between your first two fingers. It allows you to get a more natural grip on the vibe, as if you were just using your fingers. It’s flexible, and squeezing the end between your fingers will allow you to direct the intensity. Works great for one or two, and it’s completely water proof.

Wrapping idea: Since this is a great choice for playing in the shower or bath, put it in a gift bag with a CBD bath bomb, jojoba oil, dried lavender sprigs or rose buds.