5 Cool Wedding Gift Ideas for Lesbian Brides

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If you have lesbian pals tying the knot this year, you’re probably in the market for some unique and meaningful wedding gifts (since you know your friends already have a toaster oven). Whether your soon-to-be-married gals are homebodies, do-gooders, party girls or too cute for their own good, I’ve rounded up some fun gift ideas that are sure to please any lesbian couple. Brides-to-be: Add these items to your gift registry or wishlist!

Everything’s Better With Wine

Most lesbian brides probably already have a set of wine glasses (or will be getting some from their registry). But, what good are nice glasses if you have nothing to fill them with? But them a wine gift basket from Wine Enthusiast, or better yet, pick up a sampler pack of wines from a local winery in your area. This kind of gift is sure to get you a dinner invite, as a bonus.

Home Sweet Home (Depot)

If the lesbian couple in your life didn’t go into full-on nesting mode somewhere around their third or fourth date – they surely will after they get married. Help them feather their love nest (or paint it or retile it, as the case may be) with gift cards to Home Depot. The home-improvement store-loving lesbian may be a stereotype, but that’s because it’s true.

Even if you don’t foresee your friends requiring power tools or installing drywall any time soon, Home Depot has all kinds of goodies – from lighting to kitchen appliances to stuff for the yard – that would make welcome additions to any lesbian home. Just show me the butch girl who wouldn’t kill for a new pimped-out grill.

“Sponsor” Date Night

Just because your friends are married doesn’t mean they should stop going on dates. Let’s face it, they can’t stay home and bake heart-shaped cupcakes with their new bakeware every night.

Help them keep the romance alive with a pair of tickets to the ballet or a baseball game. Throw in a gift certificate to one of their favorite restaurants to give them a complete night on the town.

Show them Some Green

No, not money, although that also works. But you could get super creative and make them something awesome and unique that they’d never find in a store and will cherish forever. Webocoist has lots of other DIY green ideas if these seem a bit too ambitious.


Stay in Theme

Depending on where you live, you might be hard-pressed to find even a wedding card that doesn’t have a blatantly heterosexual message or a picture of a groom. No worries, you’ll find plenty of kitschy lesbo-themed gifts online. Sites like Zazzle.com offer cards, t-shirts, mugs, aprons, key chains and more – all tailor-made for two girls in love. TwosomeGifts.com even sells cutesy pillowcases for lesbian couples. They’re kind of ridiculous, but also kind of adorable.

What’s the best wedding gift you’ve purchased or received?