Lesbianing with AE! Navigating Safe Sex in An Open Relationship

Dear Lindsey, 

 My wife and I want to open our relationship up. She wants to get tested, which I think is a good idea to be on the safe side. Are there any guidelines for how often lesbians in open relationships should get tested?



 Hi Open,

 Are there guidelines for lesbians in open relationships? No, nothing official.

 The CDC does recommend women who are sexually active receive an annual STI screening for things like gonorrhea and chlamydia, which women can pass to other women, regardless of partner numbers. The CDC recommends bi and gay men with multiple partners be screened two to four times per year.

 Given the lack of enthusiasm for talking about lesbian sex (or non-monogamy) among medical professionals, it’s not surprising there’s little information out there to help lesbian couples navigate openness and your sexual health.

 My advice is to be screened at least once a year and as often as every three months, depending on how many partners you’re seeing and what you’re comfortable with.

 Of course, you should also know the symptoms of STIs and seek medical attention if you start experiencing symptoms.

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