Willow is bringing magic back in her “Buffy” season 9 spin-off

Back in April, Dark Horse Comics announced that it would be creating a solo mini-series for beloved lesbian witch Willow Rosenberg from their Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off. Now, Entertainment Weekly has released some much-anticipated news about the series, plus three full pages of the first issue! If this gorgeous David Mack cover doesn’t get you excited, check your heartbeat because you’re probably dead (at least to me).

The premise of Willow’s series is that she is on a quest to return magic to the world. Season nine of BtVS brought us a world devoid of magic, which, for the most powerful witch in the world, was kind of a drag. In her own series, she’ll seek to return mysticism to the masses, convinced that her motives are altruistic, but according to writer Jeff Parker:

She mainly just wants magic back for herself, whether she realizes it or not. She really misses just being a witch and just doing what she used to do. She doesn’t really know what she’s looking for or how she’s going to do it. Her ego is pretty big at this point, and she thinks she can just figure it out for herself. So she goes charging into a chaotic universe where magic is all that matters, really.

The miniseries, which will hit comic shops and bookstores on Nov. 21, is called “Wonderland,” and will feature five issues of Willow being a badass.

Check out the first to pages of the first issue:

For the first three pages (plus a helpful zoomy-thingy that lets you read the text), check out the art at EW.com. Will you be picking up Willow?