And the January Book Club Selection Is…

The Price of Salt, by Patricia Highsmith!

It seems many of you have already read this legendary novel; whether you plan to re-read it with us this month or not, I hope all of you will join in the discussion at the end of the month. I’m one of the embarrassing lesbians who has never read it; I hope there are others of you out there who will be embarking on their first-reads with me.

You can purchase it on Amazon here, although there is an interesting note with this current paperback edition, published in 2012 from CreateSpace independent publishing: “This reprint edition is based on the original and unrevised 1952 version of The Price of Salt whose copyright was never renewed in the 28th year following publication as required for renewal, and is not the Naiad Press version of 1984 which has slight revisions and an afterword.” The same version is available at Barnes and Noble. Yet you can also purchase another reprint published by W.W. Norton in 2004 on Amazon and from Powell’s, at a slightly higher price. I’m curious as to the differences between all of them, and if any specific version is preferred. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that the Kindle version is the best deal, currently available for only $2.95! (Although the bestest best deal is always your local library!)

As always, I will still create discussion posts for Rubyfruit Jungle and The Well of Loneliness on the Goodreads group, and post other thoughts or favorite quotes on our Tumblr throughout the month. I’ll have the official discussion post for The Price of Salt ready by the week of the 28th of January.

I’m looking forward to a great year of book clubbing in 2013. We’ll have a graphic novel selection for February, and then I plan on returning to more contemporary fiction, giving attention to more non-fiction, and eventually getting to some more classics and more fantasy and sci-fi, as well. For now, happy Highsmith reading, and have a very merry New Years!