The Stonewall Riots are getting their own comic book

Warning: The post contains potentially triggering images of homophobic violence.

If you’re familiar with Bluewater Productions, it’s probably because of their line of Female Force comic books. The biographical comics have focused on everyone from Hillary Clinton to Ellen DeGeneres to J.K. Rowling. Bluewater has now turned their attention toward historical comics, and one of their very first issues will tackle a watershed moment in gay rights history: The Stonewall Riots. Four gay writers and artists have teamed up to create the Stonewall comic and they’re hoping to fund a portion of Bluewater’s publishing costs using Indiegogo — but they’re not expecting you to just donate money out of the goodness of your heart. Eight bucks gets your an advance copy of the book, 100 bucks gets you a cameo in the story!

Here’s the official trailer for the comic:

The production team has also released a few images from the story:

Find out more at the official Indiegogo. Would you read a comic book about The Stonewall Riots?