Scarlett Johansson gets facial piercing, wears khaki shorts; world continues to turn Hot List-er #12 (and hottie #1, or #2 depending on Sarah Shahi‘s whereabouts on any given day) Scarlett Johansson made headlines today when pics of her sporting a new facial piercing and what appears to be a fake tattoo were circulated on the web.

The piercing caused less of a stir than her attire–which included a pair of khaki shorts. Granted, I don’t really want to see Scarlett in khaki shorts either (it’s like dipping your Ferrari Jewel Bako Roll in ketchup), but the controversy wasn’t about how unglamorous khaki is. It was about the way Scarlett’s butt looked in the offending shorts.

The normally Scarlett-friendly said that Scarlett had a "mom butt" and was "not sexy" in her khaki shorts, while London’s Daily Mail ran the pics of Scarlett under the headline "’World’s sexiest body’ Scarlett sports a plump derriere – or is it just bad shorts?" and sniffed, "As every real woman knows, shorts do not suit curves."

Really? Hmm. Maybe they never saw this picture:

or this one:

The Daily Mail also noted that back in April, Glamour magazine named Scarlett as the celebrity possessing the "World’s Sexiest Body," perhaps as a reminder of better, less "beefy" days for Scarlett.

Call me Fred Sanford, but I think a little junk is a good thing. And on what planet is this woman "beefy?"

And on a (barely) related note, Scarlett’s new (fake) tattoo (on the underside of her left forearm in the pic above) is rainbow-y.

Isn’t there some way we can make that gay?