It’s a video blogger’s life for us

Back in 2004, ABC commissioned a pilot for a new series from thirtysomething and My So-Called Life creators Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz. That show, called 1/4life, never made it to air. Now, Zwick and Herskovitz have revived the show, recast it, rewritten it and re-shot it for a different medium. Beginning Nov. 11, you’ll be able to see the revamped show on MySpace TV. Even the name has been revamped a tad. It’s now called Quarterlife.

Quarterlife stars relative newcomer Bitsie Tulloch, who took over the lead role played by Shiri Appleby in the original 2004 pilot.

Zwick and Herskovitz have already tackled teens and thirtysomethings, so this time they’re taking on the age group in the middle. Quarterlife tells the story of a group of artsy twentysomethings looking for creative outlets, including a female video blogger who manages to find herself in some rather hot water when her friends take issue with what she posts about them. Here’s the trailer.

So why am I letting you in on this little web gem? Well, aside from the fact that Zwick and Herskovitz have a habit of exploring gay and lesbian issues (see their previous TV series, including Once & Again), I’m also excited about seeing more of Michelle Lombardo.

Lombardo is part of the ensemble cast. If she looks familiar, that’s because you’ve been watching Lombardo play Tyler in Girltrash!

By the way, for any of you Girltrash! powers that be who may be reading, I understand you’re busy in the land of L, but I’m going through withdrawal. Oh well; at least I get to see Lombardo again soon.

In addition to the 36 episodes of Quarterlife (running roughly 8 minutes each), Zwick and Herskovitz have also set up a networking site associated with the show. Through the site, they hope to help other creative types connect and to solicit input and feedback on what they’re doing on the show. The best part, according to the two creators, is that no network suits get to tell them what they can and cannot do with their show.

Can an behind-the-scenes web show be far behind? I’d love to see a hidden camera exclusive showing us all how Karman, Dara and Jill come up with all those props.