Missy Elliott is all that for a bag of chips

Yes, friends, it has come to this. I am blogging about a bag of chips. No, I have not been stricken by an acute case of the munchies. I swear. Really, I swear. That’s just patchouli. Would it make you feel any better if I said that this is really a post about Missy Elliott, masquerading as a post about chips?

Missy recently signed a deal to be the new spokeswoman for Doritos Collisions, the chips with two flavors in one bag. The campaign’s high concept (seriously, I swear it’s patchouli) is that Doritos Collisions are like music mash-ups. They’re two great flavors/songs that go great together. Or at least that’s what the marketers say. Me, I’m both amused and perplexed by the new TV ad. Does everyone else see the cowboy, or have I wandered into a David Lynch film again?



I like Missy. I enjoy her kinetic rhymes, plus who hasn’t wanted to put her thang down, flip it and reverse it? (Side note: If you ever see Jill Sobule in concert, beg her to do her acoustic bluegrass version of “Work It.” Trust me, it is so worth it.) Missy has been a refreshingly fun voice in a genre that can have a mean misogynistic streak. While her songs are sexy, she doesn’t used her own sexiness as her primary selling point. I mean, you would never see Lil’ Kim wearing what amounts to a giant, inflated Hefty bag on stage.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Missy has lent her name to a famous brand. In 2003 she appeared in Gap ads. Hey, who’s that girl next to her?

But back to the chips. Missy’s snacking doesn’t stop at the TV spot. On the Doritos Collisions website, readers are invited to create mash-ups of their own with Missy’s new track from the ad. You can mix in everything from country to punk, reggae to disco, sitar to mariachi. And for the truly brave, you can even lay down your own vocal tracks over the beats. Missy also gives you advice via the “Ask Missy” button. It is, dare I say it, kind of fun. Look, for the last time, it’s patchouli. Stop asking.

The site also links to Missy’s website, where you can find information on her upcoming album, The Countdown. The disc was slated for release in December, but the street date has now been pushed back to spring 2008. To sate your appetite until then, let’s have another look at “We Run This,” from the Stick It soundtrack, shall we? Missy Elliott + Missy Peregrym = Mmmm, someone pass the chips.