The hottest concert ticket right now is … Hannah Montana?

If you hadn’t read the title of this post, and you were asked to identify the hottest concert ticket this fall, what would you guess? Bruce Springsteen? Annie Lennox? The Police? (I would have picked Springsteen, but that’s a personal bias.) If you picked any of the above, you and I would both be wrong. The hot ticket is Disney Channel tween sensation Hannah Montana. Or, more specifically, the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus — Best of Both Worlds Tour.

Tickets for the 54-date tour have sold out in as few as 4 minutes. As insane as this is, it seems to be part of a larger trend based on pre-registering on the Internet for tickets. The first show of the Spice Girls reunion tour sold out in 38 seconds. (Thank you, Jamie, for this tidbit!) Consequently, ticket brokers are having a field day. The face value of the tickets was capped at $65, but the average resale price is $214 (compare to that Justin Timberlake at $182 and Beyoncé at $193). Out of curiosity, I checked StubHub for tickets at the venue closest to me and found a low price of $173 for nosesbleed seats and a high price of $4,500 for floor seats. That’s $4,500. For Hannah Montana tickets. I know people who paid less than that for Super Bowl tickets!

I’ve managed to stay pretty oblivious to the Hannah Montana phenomenon. Intrigued by the story, I learned that Disney character of Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana is a transplant from the middle of the country to California — sort of a younger Spencer Carlin who is not a lesbian, but who is a secret pop star. She’s played by Miley Cyrus , real-life and television daughter of achy-breaky daddy Billy Ray Cyrus.

She also has a Jenna Von Oy-esque best friend, an annoying older brother, a male friend and an annoying would-be suitor who reminds me a little bit of a Latino Mason Reese.

The show includes vignettes of Miley’s regular life — sometimes with the occasional song and dance number.



(This brings me right back to Potsie’s “Pumps Your Blood” from Happy Days.)

Then there are the Hannah Montana concert clips.



Did you note the rocker chick guitarist?

All in all, it’s pretty wholesome entertainment. And apparently, tweens are the audience to market to these days. Today’s New York Times explores the role of tweens in driving Broadway ticket sales! So, if you managed to get your hands on some Hannah Montana tickets and are heartless enough to scalp to children, you can make a killing.