When Anne Murray duets, lesbians listen (and sometimes sing along)

I’m a longtime Anne Murray fan. As an adolescent, I had quite a crush on her. I was even in the habit of giving my mom Anne Murray albums at every opportunity, pretending they weren’t entirely for me.

But, as you do with adolescent crushes, I had kind of forgotten about Murray. That is, until AfterEllen.com readers Kara and Andrea (thanks!) told me about her new album, Duets: Friends and Legends.

I cannot believe the track list, especially these gems:

  • Time Don’t Run Out On Me (with Carole King)
  • You Needed Me (with Shania Twain)
  • I Just Fall in Love Again (with Dusty Springfield)
  • Somebody’s Always Saying Goodbye (with Jann Arden)
  • A Love Song (with k.d. lang)
  • A Little Good News (with Indigo Girls)
  • Could I Have This Dance (with Amy Grant)
  • Cotton Jenny (with Olivia Newton-John)

It’s like the whole thing was ripped from my subconscious. The first time I saw the list, the presence of Dusty only heightened my disorientation: I just fall in love again every time I cross over into the afterlife, maybe? No, Murray recorded a new vocal with Dusty’s version from the ’70s. Here’s a fan video set to that track:



“I can’t help myself!” Actually, I probably can: I’m not sure those two voices belong together.

The Amy Grant one really gets me. I’ve always loved “Could I Have This Dance.” Listen to the Amy-Anne version at the official website, and tell me it’s not the gayest thing you’ve ever heard.

But I think Grant would beg to differ. I wrote her a fan letter when I was 15, and in it I asked her whether she really believed my growing fondness for the ladies was a sin. She wrote me back and said that when a friend of hers came out, it was like the friend had died. And that I’m pretty much going to hell. I hope they have the Friends and Legends CD in hell!

Anne is still sounding and looking pretty great. Maybe it’s time for me to dust off my crush and those old LPs. Seems like I’ll be in good company.