The other Cheney daughter endorses Romney

Have you recovered from all the Super Tuesday excitement? I haven’t — I have a feeling I won’t until, oh, Nov. 4 or thereabouts.

Nor have I recovered from the giggle fits induced by this graphic, which appeared on last week. Liz Cheney, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney — the other daughter — declared her support for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, so the Romney campaign issued a press release. The satirists at took their red pens to the press release, and lo, hilarity:

(Click the graphic to see the larger version on

The post also included this picture of the Cheney daughters, with the caption “On the left, on the left!”

Ah, sexuality-of-the-daughter-of-the-vice-president humor. It never gets old. I wonder if Mary Cheney‘s son is a Romney supporter? I’ll bet he’s for Hillary all the way.