“Thriller,” 25 years later

Comparing siblings is never fair, is
it? But here goes. When it comes to the Jacksons, I’d have
to say I prefer Janet.

But that’s a recent phenomenon.
Back in the more innocent days of 1983, long before the freakish media
obsession and allegations of child abuse, it was Michael all the way.
That’s the year Thriller hit the record stores, bringing a slew
of hit tunes to the radio and red pleather jackets to the retail market.
I didn’t own the jacket, but Mary J. Blige and Beyonce
did, or so they confess over at Amazon.com.

Amazon is promoting the 25th anniversary re-release of the Thriller
album, which includes special collaborations with current artists.

I’m pretty sure I have the
dusty vinyl tucked away somewhere in storage, but I’m seriously tempted
to get this album. Not for Michael, but because of the collaborations.
Truthfully, if you could imagine Michael Jackson collaborating with
any current artist, would this woman be the one?

Fergie. That’s
just weird enough that I might spend money to hear it. She’s on
the track for “Beat It,” and reviews I’ve read online suggest that
if you are a Michael purist, you’ll hate it, but if not, it’s kind of fun.

Other collaborators include artists as diverse as Kanye West
and Paul McCartney.

And if you’re up for a moonwalk
down memory lane, the release is actually a package that includes photos
and a DVD with the old music videos, including Jackson’s first public

I don’t know what makes me feel older;
the fact that it came out 25 years ago (hey, if you count a kiss with
my kindergarten crush, so did I), or that I read about the anniversary and thought “Well,
25 years wasn’t really that long ago.”