The B-52s soar again

After years of being the B-52’s, the band is now, officially, the B-52s. Hey, dropping an apostrophe may seem like a little thing, but think about the years that writers have tried to figure out how to make “B-52’s” possessive. Now it will be so easy to tell you about the B-52s’ new album, Funplex, released March 25 — the band’s first studio recording in 16 years.

Wait, 16 years? How can that be? Even more startling to this old fart is that the B-52s played their first concert in 1977 — 31 years ago. But the B-52s are one of those bands you know even if you don’t know you know them. Case in point: “Love Shack.”

Last year, a Target commercial used part of B-52s’ song “Junebug.” (More cowbell!) And one of the few things worth remembering from the Season 3 L Word episode, “Lonestar,” is the appearance of the B-52s at the Planet. The song they performed, “Pump,” is on the new album.

Plus, Dana liked the B-52s (sniff). Another track from Funplex, “Juliet of the Spirits,” was featured in this season’s “Lights! Camera! Action!” Oh, and did I mention that Kate Pierson is a lesbian?

Funplex doesn’t seem quite as innovative as some of the band’s past recordings, but the humor and quirkiness that made the B-52s famous shines through. And to be sure, the band is having fun. Silly, cheesy fun.


Music like that just makes me smile. Spinner has featured Funplex on its “CD Listening Party” for the past week or so, and you may be able to hear the entire album free for a few more days. Go here and scroll right through the album covers to find it. The B-52s also will join Cyndi Lauper for the True Colors tour this summer.

What do you think of the new songs? Is the band back or is the B-52s one of those bands that should’ve stayed retired?