Alanis Morissette’s flavorful new photos

Alanis Morissette‘s new album, Flavors of Entanglement, is fast approaching its June 2 release date, and with it comes the inevitable promo material. Apollo has already filled us in on the album’s substance and good reviews. So instead, let’s be totally superficial for a moment and judge a CD by its cover. Behold:

I can’t be the only one who was immediately reminded of Alanis’ breakout album, Jagged Little Pill, right? A gauzy, abstract background with a girl in the right-hand corner. Well, it sold 30 million copies that first time, so why not give it another go?

But let’s move on. The next series of shots are a classic example of too much filter, not enough filter. First, the gossamer series. She looks lovely, all ethereal and soft-focus. Also, I think I see London, I see France, if you know what I mean.

But then comes the leotard series. Um, would it be possible to get a little of that gossamer back? Especially in certain, um, areas. Per Emily Post: “The proper way for a lady to sit is in the center of her chair … her hands relaxed in her lap, her knees together.” Ahem. Though these photos do give me a newfound appreciation of Alanis’ decolletage. I approve.

All joking aside, Alanis looks great, the album sounds intriguing and with any luck the trend of pop stars in leotard will die out sometime before we all have to build our own personal Arks to save us from the floods of global warming. Though, on second thought, leotards might help you be more aerodynamic in the water. So, are you excited about Alanis’ new flavorful release?