Rosario Dawson’s “Gemini” to hit the web this summer

A few weeks ago, I blogged about’s list of “50 Actors We’d Watch in Anything,” and among the lovely ladies they chose was Rosario Dawson.

As luck would have it, she has a few projects coming up this summer that you can catch her in. recently announced NBC Universal’s acquisition of a new web series called Gemini Division that will star Dawson as a New York detective. The series will be comprised of 50 episodes between three and four minutes in length, with a compilation video coming every 10 days to catch any newcomers up on the action.

There’s no word yet on how frequently we can expect each webisode, though I would expect it to be fairly frequently if we will need a recap video every week and a half! Here’s the series’ description from

Rosario Dawson (Sin City) stars as NYPD Homicide cop Sara Marquez in this emotional drama set in a futuristic world. When Sara’s fiancé is killed, she discovers a microchip in her engagement ring that sets her on a journey into a biotech underworld filled with genetically fabricated life forms called Simulants. She locates the Gemini Division, who are trying to reclaim all the Simulant chips and eradicate these rogue terrorists. From the producers of the highly-acclaimed Afterworld online series, Gemini Division will engage viewers with a dramatic story with a dash of scifi, as well as a completely immersive and interactive online world filled with bonus content and new mysteries to unravel.

Sadly, it appears as though she will not be playing for our team, due to the whole fiancé plotline, but that most definitely will not keep me from watching.

As someone who generally does not get into science fiction (nothing against it, just not my cup of tea), Dawson will truly be the main attraction for me. Not only is she naturally beautiful, but she is very open about her geeky tendencies, is one of many stars who participated in the V-Day event advocating the end of violence against women, and a loyal supporter of LGBT community. (If her role in RENT isn’t enough to convince you of that last fact, she is one of seven celebrities who participate in PFLAG’s Stay Close Campaign.)

Yes, yes. I will most certainly find myself bookmarking that website this summer. Will you?