Uh Huh Her tour diary: The girls head Midwest

This just in: Leisha Hailey is not “Alice.” Sure, she plays the perky writer/radio host/OurChart entrepreneur on The L Word, but it’s hard for some fans to separate the actor from her character.

As half of her band Uh Huh Her, Hailey started a Midwest tour in Chicago on April 29, and between songs, ladies in the sold-out crowd called out, “We love you, Alice!” Also spotted: an “Alice is my Homegirl” T-shirt and two members of the male species. (When asked, one said, “I’m here with my sister.” Sure you are, guy.)

Uh Huh Her’s Camila Grey (left) and Hailey

All photos by Lisa Fletcher

Obviously Hailey and band mate Camila Grey acknowledge that some of their fan base comes from Hailey’s success as an actor and from her previous band the Murmurs, but they really hope people will come out to their shows to see them play.

“I think what’s really important is people come out to see us for the music, come listen and hopefully enjoy it,” Hailey said, sitting in the basement of the Double Door. “It’s about getting to know us and the band and not coming for any other reason.”

So far, Uh Huh Her has one EP released and had plans for the LP, Common Reaction, to drop this month, but their label recently decided to hold off until August.

“We kind of rushed to make the record,” Grey said.

Hailey explained: “I think they were expecting it to be like the EP, really lo-fi and homemade, and it sounded a lot more commercial than they expected, so they really rallied behind it and want to push it more, which is great. We’re really happy they did that.”

So why tour now? Both ladies said they needed to get to the Midwest, as they are both “Midwestern girls”: Grey is originally from Texas, and Hailey hails from Nebraska, though both now live in Los Angeles.

“Mainly we’ve never done a proper tour, only little short jaunts of one-offs,” Grey said. “Also we haven’t played these markets yet in Middle America.”

When the girls hit the stage in Chicago, they made a few minor mistakes, but the crowd didn’t care. Uh Huh Her talked about shopping downtown at H&M that day, swapped instruments at times, and played several new songs as well as the recognizable tunes from their indie electro pop EP.

As they continue on tour through the rest of May, AfterEllen.com will be covering what’s going on with them on the road, so if you have any questions on what Uh Huh Her is up to while in the van, backstage or in your city, let us know — we’ll try to get as much out of them as we can. But you might want to save any L Word questions for next season. This time around, Hailey is a rock star.