And now, a little something for the ladies

If you haven’t experienced the magic that is Flight of the Conchords, I suggest you utilize a search engine pronto. This New Zealand-based duo (Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement) are hilarious and catchy with their comedy/music styling, which has garnered them their own television series on HBO as well as two albums on Sub Pop Records.

While their self-titled show is about them trying to become famous, in reality they are finally becoming a hit in the States. They recently released a video for their ’70s-inspired single, “Ladies of the World,” which is a song dedicated to every single one of us out there, whether we are “ugly, skanky or small.”

I like their advocation of soldiers putting down their weapons and instead picking up a woman, and “brunettes not fighter jets.” While you probably won’t want to take them up on their offer of making love to you (“it’s the least we can do”), you’ll appreciate that some dudes want to “show you some gratitude.”

Check out their song on Myspace. After the realizations we had on the blog yesterday about women being left out of the Time magazine list of influential people and this summer’s movie line-up, let’s start Friday off with a tribute to us.

This is for you, hard-working lady.