Amy Ray is all yours

If you had the chance, what would you ask Amy Ray? Perhaps you’re a huge Indigo Girls fan and you’ve always wanted to know what the ladies include on their rider. Or, you love Amy’s record label, Daemon Records, and are dying to know how she chooses her artists (she can afford to be picky.)

Luckily, the musician, the woman, and the lesbian legend, Amy Ray, is willing to tell you what you want to know, readers (within reason, of course.) We’ll be talking to her next week and will be asking her the questions you have for her. Please send your inquiries by Monday, July 21 to We’ll sort through them and ask her the most insightful, relevant, and possibly hilarious questions you have.

Please note: no marriage proposals or sexual advances. Remember, the questions come from you but I will be the one asking, and I don’t think my girlfriend will much appreciate my asking Amy Ray to “take part in the pain of my passion play.”

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