Gaming is for girls: A new model for Lara Croft is hired

“Diablo III” ends the gender war

By making it possible for male and female characters to choose the same professions, the game won’t be stunted like the previous “Diablo” setup where certain genders were certain character classes. Lead designer Jay Wilson said: “These [characters] are not people; they are so far above the normal civilians because that’s the tone of the game.”

New Lara Croft model revealed

Alison Carroll is the new Lara Croft model, taking the crown over from Karima Adebibe. Carroll is a 23-year-old trained gymnast, so she can cater to all those gymnastic moves Lara is so very capable of.

Parents more offended by two men kissing than severed head in games

According to a recent poll run at gaming site What They Play, parents are more worried about video game exposure than they are about exposure to violence, alcohol and porn. On one of the polls — of 3,000 parents — 27 percent of them were most offended by two men kissing, in front of the 26 percent that found a graphically severed head unappealing. We’re not sure who runs the site or who they polled, but doesn’t it just fill your heart with love to know two guys kissing rates more offensive than a graphically severed head?

Could the iPhone be the next big gaming machine with gay content?

Over at LesbianGamers we take a look at the iPhone, not in a review, but rather we question whether it could be THE gay gaming platform given the fairly open source nature of the development process for applications. We’ve also added more to the Lesbian Tryst art series, this time with Sindel and Ivy, two fighting girls from different games. We have a look at celebrities/infamous folk lurking in “Animal Crossing” on the Nintendo DS — a fun little article with lots of “celebrity” screenshots.