Gaming is for Girls: A new “Machinarium” trailer and more

The strangeness of “Machinarium”
“Machinarium” is a quirky title set for release Q1 2009. It features some odd animation with a robot hero. Sadly, the story seems to revolve around the male hero robot rescuing the useless female robot and saving his hometown in the process. Despite these usual male heroics, “Machinarium” is looking really cool. Check out the trailer below.

Who you gonna call? Not “Ghostbusters”
Confusion of confusions: Just what is happening with the upcoming “Ghostbusters” game? After months of “will it be published, won’t it be published?” talk, it seems Zuul may be working his evil and halting the title from seeing the light of day. GameStop seems to have removed the game from pre-order and informed staff that anyone who pre-ordered it is due a refund. Well, that can’t be good. Maybe they’re just stalling it to release next year to coincide with the movie’s 25th anniversary — or maybe this title’s been totally slimed.

“Tony Hawk’s Motion” has motion controls
Is Activision set to announce motion controls for their upcoming “Tony Hawk’s Motion” title? Apparently the game will feature a motion attachment that will fit into the GBA Slot in similar style to the DS rumble pack. This would tend to make sense given the name of the title, and it will of course mean tilting the DS to control the game. The next question on our minds, given this information: “Will it appear on the iPhone?” Nothing official has surfaced, but we’re told by our little bird on the inside it’s only a matter of time until it is. “Tony Hawk’s Motion” will release late this year on the Nintendo DS.

“Dead Space” before Halloween
In a strange move, EA’s upcoming survival horror title “Dead Space” has had its release date brought forward (at least for console owners). It will release October 21 (US) and October 24 (EU). This sort of removes the creep factor from the marketing for “Dead Space” given this was set to release on Halloween. Oh well, I guess we’ll all be fighting in the claustrophobic space horror genre sooner than expected, which is no bad thing. PC gamers, looks like you’ll still be playing this one on All Hallows’ Eve.

Over at LesbianGamers this week, we’ve looked at “Heavy Rain” from Quantic Dreams. The title looks set to feature a main female protagonist (though rumor has it the title will feature four main protagonists) who twang our gaydar. There’s also a mock-up of the spurious gaming title “Violin Hero,” a game we think would rock out were it ever to see the light of day. We also take a look at a little lesbian flirtation between dark and light elves in the new “Warhammer Online” trailer.

And that, dear gamers, is the upshot of your gaming news this week. Next week should be a hefty one though, with PAX 08 just around the corner. Now go game!