Gaming is for Girls: “Buffy” titles are in our future

Bluray has a limited lifespan

According to the director of consumer electronics at Samsung, the PS3 may well be around for a decade (though we would imagine a decade from inception and not a decade more), but Bluray as a format may only have a lifespan of another five years. Makes you wonder if it’s worth replacing all those DVDs, doesn’t it? That said, DVD was only fully launched in 1998, so that means it had a lifespan of a decade and VHS had around the same time span before a better format was released.

SackBoy toys from “LittleBigPlanet” are inbound thanks to Taito

I want one, you want one, too, don’t you! SackBoy and Sackgirl are just adorable. They’re the characters from Sony’s upcoming PS3 title “LittleBigPlanet” and it looks like Sony is going to push them as the PS3 mascot. The toys will ship later this year and will be available in two sizes (10 cm and 25 cm). If you want one, you’ll probably have to get these online unless you have a good indie game store that deals in cool gaming collectibles.

“Spore” hands on review

Yes, the game we’ve all been waiting for since it was first announced some time around 1983 (OK, not 1983, but it does feel like it). It’s finally here and we’ve been playing it all week along with “Spore Creatures” on the DS. We’ll be bringing you a full on “Spore” special in the next episode of Gay Girls Who Game, but for now we’ll leave you with a few words to mow over: Addictive, fun, confusing, repetitive, fun, innovative, addictive, cute, fun, massive — you get the idea.

Gaming News Tidbits!

Some video game news tidbits for the week post-PAX include: New “Halo” achievements inbound and worth a tasty 750 points, apparently. The rumor that E3 will be re-opened to the public is still doing the rounds, but nothing concrete yet. Traveller’s Tales, makers of the “LEGO” series of games, say, “We don’t want to take the p–s out of the consumer and end up making any old rubbish,” so any future “LEGO” titles will be pretty polished. “World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King” release date leaked by 7-Eleven as Nov.4 with an SRP of $40 (assuming it’s true). “Guitar Hero: World Tour” priced and dated for Australia: Nov.12 with an RRP of $330 AUD for the super bundle, $170 for the guitar bundle and standalone game for $90.

This week on Lesbian Gamers we see Cortana and a Companion Cube in a lesbian tryst (yes, we know some are suggesting the cube is a boy, we say a companion Cube, like a car, is inherently female). We look at the newly released “Gears of War 2” achievement list and all the double entendres therein. An examination of being a lesbian in online game “EVE Online” is also covered, and lastly, we’ve got word on two “Buffy” gaming titles in the works. LesbianGeek has been a little quieter this week, but we take a look back at Thelma and Cassie from the UK TV series “HEX.” We also look at how cool it is to learn girly anti-hero Juno is back in the horror movie sequel, “The Descent 2.” Also, “Call of Cthulhu” looks set to come to iPhone as a point and click adventure title called “Darkness Within.”

Until next time, keep your heads down and controllers handy. Happy gaming!